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21 years of experience

After spending more than 21 years in various major financial institutions in France and for the past 15 years in Switzerland, I came to the conclusion that the technology asset financing solutions they were offering were no longer adapted to the ever-growing pay-per-use economy…

A Concept

It is with the concept that I call with my words “non ownership” that FINGO Solutions was born we wanted  to offer flexible solutions that free you from the constraints linked to the ownership of a property. Contracts that are also much more flexible than classic leases that offer little flexibility.

The Concept

Building a tailor-made financing solution

So we can work with you to build your tailor-made financing solution based on your own lifecycle for your technology assets.


Fighting programmed obsolescence

If you feel strongly against programmed obsolescence, but at the same time want to  opt for shorter life cycles to benefit from the best of technology,  FINGO solutions guarantees you a second life for your equipment at the end of the contract by reinjecting it into a virtuous circular economy.

Cleaning up equipment

Opting for longer life cycles? Then FINGO Solutions guarantees that your equipment will be decontaminated in accordance with strict environmental standards.

Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Would you like to reduce the cost of ownership of your IT equipment (TCO)? FINGO Solutions can help you optimise the management of the heterogeneity of your technological assets.