With FinGO Solutions’ tailor-made financing options, allow us to  grow your business through technological innovation without it affecting your cash flow.

 Keeping cash in your pocket  to finance activities directly related to your core business.

A more efficient company thanks to technological innovation

Want to grow your organisation without burdening your cash, then we have an excellent solution for you. FINGO Solutions’ innovative and tailor-made financing options give you the opportunity to take advantage of the full power of technology without having to draw on your own cash. Every company must always ask itself the right questions before using its resources, what is the return on capital employed?

Administrative simplification

FINGO takes care of most of your administrative tasks, such as paying all project-related invoices on your behalf, managing the lifecycle of your assets, while assuming the risk of equipment depreciation.

Control of ownership costs

FINGO’s expert advice on optimising the management of your fleet enables you to limit its heterogeneity, a source of significant hidden costs, and thus freeing you from most ownership costs by incurring them on your behalf.

Sustainable and optimised management of equipment life cycles

Free to choose life cycles to suit you and your company. You are free to choose life cycles to suit you. If you opt for short life cycles but at the same time want to combat programmed obsolescence, FINGO guarantees a second life for your equipment.  If, on the other hand, you prefer longer life cycles, FINGO undertakes to remove and dispose of the equipment in an environmentally friendly manner at the end of the period of use. In this case, decontamination is carried out in accordance with the strictest environmental standards. You determine the duration of the contract according to your desired life cycle.

All your advantages :

You have direct access to technological innovation without depreciation (OPEX vs. CAPEX).

You benefit without delay from the technology necessary for the rapid development of your business.

You keep your cash for your core business activities.

You benefit from financial engineering that avoids investment peaks.

You no longer have to worry about administrative tasks, asset management including recycling.

You are your own leader for a sustainable management of the life cycle of your technological assets.

You reduce your cost of ownership (TCO) thanks to optimised management of the heterogeneity of your fleet.

They believed in us!

  • Selexis

    Project: 7 video-conference rooms

    Why using our cash to invest in technological equipment that is rapidly becoming obsolete? Thanks to FinGO, we asked ourselves this question! The answer is clearly NO and the offers they propose demonstrate this…

    Alberto Garotti – Chief Financial Officer



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