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Rental of professional computers

The strong digitalisation of the company has greatly modified our practices. Workstations have been transformed. The need for employees to work with smartphones or laptops reflects this change. FinGO invites you to discover its professional computer rental solutions for companies in full digital transformation. Rental for professionals allows employees to easily take advantage of expensive and quickly obsolete equipment.


Rental digital computer Over the decades, we have gone from the 100% paper of the 1950s, to computers, then laptops, always more efficient and more practical, to today’s zero paper. A new way of working that is more flexible, more open, conducive to teamwork and, at the same time, allows teleworking thanks to professional laptops.



Thanks to our financing solutions, you can offer your employees the opportunity to work efficiently from home. They will be able to carry out their daily tasks and maintain a link with their colleagues, but also with their customers and partners. It is also a way for them to enjoy a better work-life balance.



Thanks to our solutions, we were able to intervene from the very beginning of the health crisis, in order
to enable our customers to adapt quickly to this digital transition so that they can preserve the health and safety of all their employees while ensuring the continuity of their activities. Telew

Computer As A serviceorking has become the rule for a large number of sectors and companies thanks to the provision of adequate equipment. For example, with professional laptops and communications and security software.


If you would like more information about IT rental or leasing, please visit our website or contact us.

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