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“IT As A Service to beat the health crisis and grow your business

As a result of the containment and development of teleworking, companies have had to equip a large number of their employees. These expenses tend to have a strong impact on their cash flow. IT As A Service” and financial leasing offers could therefore help to smooth out their expenses while allowing their employees to benefit from the latest technologies.

IT As A Service


Companies have been forced to make significant investments to enable their employees to telework. In response, some organisations have had to find ways to urgently acquire equipment for their employees.

This hasty spending puts a strain on budgets and cash flow, a precious resource in times of crisis. The best solution, however, is not necessarily to buy. Pay-as-you-go (As-A-Service) is becoming increasingly popular in this context.

“IT As A Service” : Renewal of equipment every 3 to 5 years

For several years now, many financing companies have been offering “IT As A Service”, or IT leasing.  The company no longer buys, but subscribes to a modular financing solution, allowing it to renew its equipment more easily via a payment for use.

The advantages of this solution are numerous, as it allows companies to keep their expenses under control. In addition, the lifespan of these technological assets remains short, between 3 and 5 years on average with a high level of obsolescence, which very regularly poses problems in terms of logistics. Reselling or disposing of obsolete assets is therefore a time-consuming task that impinges on other essential tasks.


In addition, extending the life of equipment automatically leads to an increase in maintenance costs. By renewing the IT equipment more quickly, financial leasing or pay-as-you-go for a fixed period therefore seems to be a wise choice to limit these costs.

“IT As A Service” :A solution compatible with respect for the environment

respect de l'environnement

In 2021, the environmental argument should not be overlooked. When a leased asset is replaced, it is recovered. Finance companies like Fingo Solutions claim to be part of a circular economy approach. They provide recovery, data erasure and auditing of the equipment. In most cases, the equipment is reconditioned for a second life on the second-hand market. Otherwise, it enters the labelled recycling channel.

Lease-back to switch from buying to renting

All beneficiaries of this solution can switch their IT and audiovisual equipment purchases to lease-back, and can also adjust the duration of the contract for each piece of equipment.

As the contracts are flexible, it is therefore possible to switch only part of the fleet and thus to allow purchase and rental to coexist without any problems.

If a company has already acquired equipment through self-financing, these invoices can be taken back, i.e. reimbursed by the service provider at the net book value of the goods. The company can then replenish its cash flow.

Thus, in the context of the pandemic, we have seen an increase in demand for this type of financing. It is understandable that companies are increasingly interested in making their fleets homogeneous and conserving their cash flow.



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